Technology for real-time geolocation

Technology is just one part of the equation that enables telematics to help achieve business objectives. Telefleet's technology is THE key that unlocks crucial management information. The Telefleet platform combines “location finding” and “communications technology” with modular business intelligence systems to turn data analysis into a solution-oriented tool.


The standard location-finding system incorporated into the majority of telematic devices is GPS (Global Positioning System).
Other location-finding technologies can be used for certain projects, such as airport management, but these depend critically on the capacity of the equipment manufacturers.


Our ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) enables Telefleet to provide efficient transaction management of all incoming and outgoing messages. It allows a range of communications technologies to be used to support our claim of compability with all types of equipment:

  • SMS
  • GPRS
  • CSD (Circuit Switch Data), also known as data call (Store & Forward)
  • Satellite


Telefleet is a modular JAVA application based on the latest technologies for interface management, connection data, and access to external services.
Our JAVA development team analyses and develops all functional features to enable Telefleet to meet the requirements of each of our customers’ fields of business.
Through their ongoing contacts with the market and complete control over all aspects of the application, our team of experts regularly adds new functions and is able to respond rapidly to specific customer requirements. These continuous developments benefit the whole Telefleet user community.


Today, the Internet is accessible everywhere. The choice of a secure web-based solution has been carefully studied and offers end-users the following advantages over other types of local or hybrid applications:

  • Application available everywhere and at all times
  • Data stored and backed-up remotely for increased security
  • No installation for the customer
  • Guaranteed speed with dedicated servers
  • Modular and password/profile protected
  • Data automatically sent to third-party applications (other programmes used within the company).


Based on the services provided by Market-IP, a leader in MapCentric solutions, Telefleet includes:

  • contextual differentiation of the units(colours, pictograms, etc.)
  • interactive maps and different types of map
  • navigation tools
  • precise geocoding/reverse geocoding
  • POI management

Telefleet covers a wide range of countries, with the list constantly being increased.


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