Public authorities/emergency services

Geolocation serving the public sector

Because the public sector, in terms of both the local authority and the police force or fire service, generally needs fairly sophisticated means of tracking and monitoring teams in the field, Telefleet has configured specific functions for this sector. Do you want to locate your council operatives in the field? Do you want to locate police patrolsin order to dispatch the one closest to the scene of an accident? Discover the benefits of Telefleet.

 Functional features specific to emergency services and public authorities

 Police cars and combisPolice motorcyclesFire enginesCivil protection vehiclesAmbulancesHelicoptersMunicipal vehicle fleet
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Telefleet meets your requirements: 

In this case, tracking is in “heavy” mode, depending on the specific options for certain uses (e.g., dispatching for the fire service) and depending on the frequency of information refresh and the volume of information packets sent. 

The Telefleet package linked to our range of boxes is suitable for:  

  • Police cars and combis
  • Police motorcycles
  • Civil protection vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire engines
  • Civil protection vehicles
  • Police or army helicopters
  • Municipal service vehicles (cars, lorries, machines, etc.)




  • Overall view:  Telefleet gives you an operational overview of your intervention teams, individually or by category of vehicles.

  • Optimization of work organization through the dispatching tool.

  • Rapid reaction through the transmission of information in real time.

  • Surveillance monitoring tool:  See where municipal workers are and what they are doing at all times. Detect any use of equipment or machines outside the site boundary or outside working hours.

  • Administrative simplification:  Automate the recording of services.

Discover, a website dedicated to geolocation for towns, municipal services, and public administrations.

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