Preventive maintenance

Unforseen situations and breakdowns occur, this is why identifying and anticipating unexpected problems is fundamental. 
This is where fleet management through telematic is getting value.
The preventive maintenance is the must-have for every fleet manager who wants to avoid any vehicle immobilization because of breakdowns.
Thanks to this maintenance module, you can identify:
  • What are the problematic levels, voltages and pressures (low battery voltage, low oil level, turbo pressure too high, etc.)
  • Which lights are on on the vehicle’s dashboard (engine light, tire pressure, airbag fault, etc.)
  • What are the fault codes present on the vehicle (fault in the cooling circuit pump, etc.)
  • This information is grouped by category and severity to allow an advanced analysis
  • Information on the number of days before vehicle maintenance is provided in order to allow the fleet manager to decide whether letting the vehicle run until the next maintenance despite the problems observed or asking urgently for a visit to the garage.


Advantages of the module
  • Filterable elements that allow to act before the failure.
  • Organize technical interventions on the basis of various criteria.
  • Risk measures and anticipation of repair/maintenance costs.
  • Knowledge of the health of its fleet.
Appropriate and anticipatory maintenance that allows to
  • Reduce downtime, increase the fleet's rental/use rate, resulting in a better rental investment ratio (rROIC).
  • Strengthen a company's reputation with its customers.
  • Increase the residual value of vehicles.



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