Object Management - RFID

Object Management with active/passive RFID technology

For the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags/labels attached to objects.

How does it work ? 

The tags: simple ID devices or advanced (Temperature, movement devices,...) to put on the tracked object/item. It includes
  • an antenna
  • an electronic chip including a unique identifier
  • a battery (model-dependent)
The receivers combined with tracking devices listen and transfer the information received from tags/labels in order to perform a dynamic inventory.
Combined with vehicles/assets tracking activities this solution provides a state of the art intelligent object management system.


Our solutions provide increased security and help to manage logistics, transport, identification, etc.

  • For which sectors
  • logistic traceability
  • people identification
  • renting, car sharing
  • stock management, supply chain
  • small equipment management
  • containers, trailers tracking & inventory




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