Maritime and inland water transport

Geolocate your ships, barges, dredging vessels, and so on

In the case of inland water transport, Telefleet provides a solution for the geolocation of barges and planning of itineraries and tasks (GPRS).

In the case of maritime transport:  Telefleet offers two different types of functions: 

  1. Geolocation and task management in relation to specific fields: dredging, drilling, etc., with reports on specific activities
  2. Geolocation and monitoring of the fleet (VTS) and the cargo (monitoring of containers) with combined management systems GPRS + VSAT

Telefleet’s functional features are many and varied. Discover these and their benefits.

Functional features specific to the maritime and inland water transport sector

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Attack/theft alarminclusinclusinclusinclusinclusinclus
Navigation speedinclusoptionnelinclusinclusinclus 
Captain’s IDinclusinclusinclusinclusinclus 
Fuel consumptionoptionneloptionneloptionnel   
Weather information (AIS)optionneloptionneloptionneloptionneloptionnel 
Geoplanningoptionnel optionneloptionnelinclus 
Activity reportsoptionnel inclusinclusinclus 
GPS positioninclusinclusinclusinclusinclusinclus
Incident managementoptionneloptionneloptionneloptionneloptionneloptionnel
GPRS / SAT Switchoptionneloptionnelinclusinclusinclusinclus
Industry interface applicationoptionneloptionneloptionneloptionneloptionneloptionnel
inclus included     optionnel optional

Telefleet meets your “Light Tracking” requirements by sending you, 5 or 6 times a day, data packets such as:  

  • GPS position,
  • ship’s activity,
  • presence or not of containers/goods on the ship,
  • management of an abnormal event (e.g., opening of a container door at sea)
  • etc.

The Telefleet package linked to our range of boxes is suitable for:

  • Barges 
  • Cargo
  • Pleasure boats
  • Containers
  • Dredgers
  • Container ships




  1. Location view of all your ships, barges, etc.

  2. Optimize the quality of your services:  by providing precise information on navigation, dredging, cleaning, etc., times and specific activity reports

  3. Planning of tasks and itineraries in the context of inland water transport.


flecheTelefleet is the ideal geomanagement package for your business.Contact us for a service proposal tailored to your precise requirements.

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