Customer service, repairs, maintenance

Manage your field teams with the help of a geolocation solution

Your company provides customer service, repair work, and  maintenance services, and you would now like to carry out real-time monitoring of your staff  and the vehicles attending an incident or conducting scheduled maintenance. Would you like to know in real time where your teamsare? Which member of staff is best placed to make an emergency visit to a site? Would you like to be able to invoice for the exact time taken for a job? Telefleet can supply the answers and many other functions. Discover the benefits of Telefleet.

Functional features specific to customer service and repair and maintenance services

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   Telefleet meets your “Heavy Tracking” requirements:

  • Online tracking and monitoring of the various repair and maintenance teams, etc.
  • Task and job planning
  • Management of itinerary optimization
  • Time management of repairs or on site work
  • Interfacing: dispatching function and data integration into ERP for stock management, etc.
  • Two-way communication: base to service vehicle and back (on-board screen)
  • Driving behaviour
  • Distance travelled
  • Fuel consumption
  • Geofencing and management of authorized hours of work
  • Integration into service management module (Presta style or other link with company administration)


The Telefleet package linked to our range of boxes is suitable for:

  • Light vehicles (cars, vans)
  • Lorries




  • Invoicing transparency:  Invoice for the time actually spentdelivering the service and distance actually travelled.

  • Centralization tool:  A single platform to manage everything:scheduling, task assignment, requests, etc. Plus, the possibility of interfacing with your CRM, ERP, and other stock management software.

  • Overall view:  Telefleet gives you an operational overview of your field operatives individually or by category.

  • Speed of deployment:  It will now be very easy for you to send the closest team to the intervention site

fleche Telefleet is the ideal geomanagement package for your business.Contact us for a service proposal tailored to your precise requirements.

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