Building sector and public works

A geolocation solution makes it possible to calculate mobility bonuses and encode hours worked automatically

In order to optimize the management of your teams, you need strict monitoring of a series of legal requirements essential to the running of construction sites.  You do not know what time your workers arrive on site, each month you re-input hand-written work sheets, a machine has been stolen and the police have been unable to find it, etc. Telefleet and its wide range of functions relating to the construction sector can make your life easier.  Discover the benefits of Telefleet.

Functional features specific to the building sector and public works

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Special construction and public works sector reportsinclusinclusinclusinclusoptionneloptionnel
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Telefleet provides “online” tracking with structured reporting based on activities (work on site, movements, etc.)  for each working day:

  • Travel time from company base to site and back
  • Interaction between site team and company base (screen)
  • Measurement of working time on site
  • Theft alarm
  • CO² management, mobility allowances and CheckinAtWork (applicable in Belgium)  
  • Insertion of data into company administration database 
  • Task planning
  • GeoFencing
  • Fuel consumption    
  • Driving behaviour

The Telefleet package linked to our range of boxes is suitable for:

  • Light vehicles (cars, vans)   
  • Assets (compressors, Cathy cabins, caravans, etc.)
  • Lorries   
  • Machines (cranes, excavators, etc.)    
  • Containers
  • Trailers



  • Total picture:  Detailed, instantaneous view of the fleet's  location
  • Recovery in the event of theft:  Location of the stolen vehicle/machine and possible recovery
  • Transparency with respect to the management of private/business use
  • Recording of the right service on the right site for the actual time worked
  • For Belgium:  Automation of the calculation of mobilityallowances, report substantiating the reductions in CO² tax assessments and CheckinAtWork. You can use your smartphone or tablet to register your presence. More about the Telefleet Checkin@Work Mobile App



Discover, a website specifically devoted to the construction sector and containing details of Belgian legislation concerning mobility allowances and the CO² tax.


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